A Message About COVID-19

As cases across Oregon continue to rise, the outbreak of COVID-19 has certainly changed how businesses service their customers. At Ouellette Engineering, protecting our clients safety and health is our top concern. As such, we have implemented new guidelines for our workplace, our employees, and our customer interactions.

Whenever possible, we use email correspondence or phone conferencing – in lieu of a face-to-face meeting. Some simple jobs require only email correspondence and phone conferencing and can be started and finished all over the course of a week or two.  

When visiting a client residence or jobsite, we adhere to social distancing guidelines. That means a healthy 6-foot distance, whenever possible. Additionally, if requested, we are happy to wear face masks. We also always use hand-sanitizer before and after meeting with clients. Our customer’s health and safety is paramount, so our team will take additional precautions as requested.

On the positive side, if you find yourself at home with more free time than usual, now could be the perfect time to start on that home remodeling project you’ve been wanting to get to. At Ouellette Engineering, we’re here to help provide smart solutions to your building needs.