Jay Ouellette – Founder & Owner, Structural Engineer

Growing up, I was always building tree forts, bridges, and docks — using anything I could get my hands on. It seems I never got over it. I’ve been designing and building ever since.

I designed and built my own home, and did a major remodel on an old 1895 house that is now a commercial office building.  I really enjoy helping people get their projects underway.  A friend of mine has a saying that I take to heart, ‘If you can dream it and draw it, you can build it.’

I would be happy to assist you in making your dream a reality.

– Jay

Ouellette Engineering Inc.

Jay founded Ouellette Engineering, Inc. in 2001, after 16 years in the engineering field. After receiving a degree in civil engineering at the University of Portland in 1985, he worked at the Portland District Army Corps of Engineers, then at two Portland, Oregon firms, Moffit Nichol, and Bonney Engineers and Smith and Monroe and Gray Engineers.

Jay Ouellette is licensed for structural engineering in the State of Oregon. Ouellette Engineering, Inc. is based out of Newberg, Oregon, and has worked on LEED Gold certified homes as well as winning a Community Enhancement award for their office remodel. Ouellette Engineering Inc. maintains a professional liability insurance policy.

Ouellette Engineering Inc. provides professional structural engineering services to contractors, architects, and designers. Occasionally, Ouellette Engineering will assist a homeowner with their engineering needs. In those situations, the scope of work is clearly defined, and a qualified licensed, bonded and insured contractor is on board for the project.