Ouellette Engineering, Inc. provides professional services to contractors, architects, and designers.  Occasionally, Ouellette Engineering will assist a homeowner with their engineering needs. In those situations, the scope of work is clearly defined, and a qualified licensed, bonded and insured contractor is on board for the project.

Most building projects require a building permit before construction can begin. Ouellette Engineering, specializes in preparing structural plans and calculations that meet the current building code, as required to obtain a building permit.

We have structural engineering design experience in wood, steel, concrete, and masonry.
We have experience in designing and preparing construction documents for:

  • Retaining structures
  • Decks
  • New buildings, additions, remodels
  • Existing buildings, additions, remodels

Our particular expertise is challenging residential engineering remodeling projects.

Other services include engineering reports for structural investigations, inspections and consultations.

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